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York County John Doe was a male found murdered in Pennsylvania. 13 men have been ruled out as the decedent.

He is currently undergoing testing by the DNA Doe Project.


Isotopic testing revealed he was likely native to the southern portion of the United States and had spent an unspecified amount of recent time in Pennsylvania before his death.


  • A slender build with a muscular neck and jawline.
  • Healed trauma to his nose and the left side of his face, which may have resulted in facial asymmetry.
  • Wore a partial upper dental plate.

Recent developments

Recent DNA testing has revealed that his heritage is 75% black and 7% white. Two new reconstructions were released to reflect these findings, one incorporating facial injuries.

The decedent is connected to the following regions and surnames:

  • Washington County, North Carolina (specifically Roper & Plymouth) with the following surnames: Downing, Bembery, Spruill, Lee, Gaylord, Johnston, and Fields.
  • North Carolina: Skinner, Gallop, Freeman, Nobles, Dupree, Williams, Monk, Perry, Brown, Martin, White, Overton, and Owens.
  • Virginia: Eppes, Hundley, Spratley, and Waller.
  • Kentucky, North Carolina & New Jersey: Worley, Hamlin, Taylor, Williams, and Mattox.
  • Virginia & North Carolina: Sentell, Buchanan, Stephens, and Sterling.
  • Virginia, North Carolina & Arkansas: Taylor, Holloway, King, and Cheatham.