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Wyandotte County Jane Doe was a female whose skull and ribs were found in a wooded ravine in Kansas City, Kansas on October 12, 1999. Additional remains were later found on November 1, 1999.


Additional photo

  • She had been involved in a traumatic event before she had died, such as a vehicle accident.
  • She had a fractured jaw that was wired together. The writing should have been removed as the fracture had healed.
  • She also had a healed fracture to the left temple area that was indented, which would have been noticeable to anyone looking at her.
  • There was some evidence of an old blunt traumatic injury to the forehead.
  • The left 2nd rib was fractured. There were also some arthritic changes in the lower left ribs.
  • Her last lumbar vertebra showed spondylolysis.