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Not to be confused with the Cheerleader in the Trunk.

Woman in the Trunk was a young or middle aged woman found dead in a footlocker in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1969.


The victim was discovered at 4200 34th Street South in a wooded area in view of a restaurant parking lot of The Oyster Bar. She was found in plastic wrapped with masking tape and curled into a new, plain black steamer trunk or foot locker. The trunk was manufactured by Nonbreakable Trunk Company.

She suffered blunt trauma to the head and was strangled with a red or maroon bolo tie cord, about 20 inches long. But strangulation appeared to be the main cause of death, with blunt force trauma as a support.

Chemical isotope testing indicated she was not native to Florida. The tests showed she was likely born in the Southeastern part of the country and lived in the northern Southeastern states for several years preceding her death.


  • Black to brown/dark brown hair, held up with bobby pins.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Poor dental health
  • Had given birth to at least one child, but not recently.
  • Suffered from a small gallbladder disorder.
  • She had three small, hairless moles - one on her left cheekbone, one on her right forearm, and one on her left thigh.
  • Her ears were not pierced.
  • Her fingernails were clean and well-kept.
  • She had no tattoos or scars.


  • The top part of a green "shortie" type nightgown with a floral design and lace at the top.