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Winchester Jane Doe was a woman found deceased in 1991 in Winchester, Virginia. Over 850 women have been ruled out as the decedent.


The victim was discovered under brush, leaves, and rocks by boys riding bikes on an undeveloped and vacant lot in the Shawnee land division off Timberidge Trail. Although a cause of death has not been established, the circumstances point to a suspicious death.

According to a Radford University article, serial killer Larry DeWayne Hall is a suspect in this case. Hall is speculated to be responsible for the disappearances up to forty-five women during the 1980s and 1990s. Many of Hall's speculated victims were young women that were sexually mutilated and/or found near Civil War memorials. He is currently incarcerated at a North Carolina federal prison for the 1993 kidnapping and murder of Jessica Roach.

Over eight-hundred women have been ruled out as the victim.


  • Long sandy to dark blonde hair.


  • Black short-sleeve knit sweater.
  • Red to rust-colored tank top.
  • Khaki hiking shorts.
  • Panties.
  • No jewelry.