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Will County John Doe was a male who was found in a box in the Chicago Greater Area Sanitary and Shipping Canal. The keys and clothing found on him indicate he was likely a laborer, with recent findings leaning towards auto mechanic or truck driver. 89 men have been ruled out as the decedent.


Seven days before his discovery, the decedent had been shot in the abdomen with a shotgun then three times with a handgun. He was then placed in a wooden crate and dropped into the Chicago Greater Area Sanitary and Shipping Canal. He would later be found 1.5 miles south of Division Street. The circumstances of his murder and any clues as to his killer have not been disclosed at this time.


  • 2" long light brown to blond hair.
  • Protruding jaw
  • Heavy smoker
  • Long, narrow feet with his smaller toes curling under the foot
  • Restored occlusal surface on tooth 30

Clothing and Accessories

  • Dark blue work pants
  • Work-type green pullover t-shirt with a pocket
  • Wool socks
  • One dark colored herringbone house slipper
  • Peterbuilt keys
  • Laundry mark found in pants labeled "Jim 5"
  • Several padlock-type keys
  • A "Briggs and Stratton" key
  • "Ford" car key
  • "American Motors Corporation" car key
  • House keys
  • Coins