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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

The Whitehall Mystery revolves around a dismembered woman whose remains were found in England in 1888. Some speculate she was a victim of Jack the Ripper, yet authorities could not officially connect her to the case.


The woman's head and some limbs were not recovered; the only found pieces were the torso; right arm and shoulder; left leg cut above the knee. Her death date is unknown although it was prior to September 11,1888 when the right arm and shoulder were found on the muddy shore of the River Thames in Pimlico; the torso was placed in the vault sometime after 29 September 1888 where it was found October 2, 1888; the remaining limbs were found buried on 17 October 1888.

The case is considered as one of the Thames Torso Murders.


  • The victim did not likely have children.
  • The victim had been "of large stature and well-nourished".
  • She was in good health - her heart was healthy and the right lung, liver, stomach, kidneys and spleen were normal, however she had severe pleurisy in the left lung.
  • The right arm had been severed by someone with knowledge of human anatomy; a tourniquet was used to stem blood flow, and was removed postmortem.
  • The uterus had been removed from the body.
  • Dark hair.
  • Fair skin.
  • She was not likely a servant or lower-class citizen.


  • The torso body had been wrapped in cloth, possibly a black petticoat, and tied with string.
  • She wore a broché satin dress; The dress had been manufactured in Bradford, England, from a pattern estimated as three years old. Pieces of newspaper found with the remains were from the Echo of 24 August and an issue of the Chronicle of unknown date