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Whistler John Doe was a man who committed suicide on Whistler Mountain in British Columbia. Evidence found with the victim indicates he was likely in South Africa and the United States before his death.


The decedent's skeletal remains were located by two planners for the Whistler Mountain Ski Organization. The remains were about 15 meters from Franz's Run and were in a severe state of decomposition.

An autopsy revealed that the decedent had shot himself in the side of the head, likely with a World War I era 38. caliber revolver found nearby. This gun was later traced to a theft that occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1983. His dental work indicated he had likely seen a North American dentist.


  • Long, brown hair.
  • False teeth.
  • A medium build.

Clothing and accessories

  • White, nylon Taymor backpack.
  • Synthetic, blue K-Way windbreaker (Size 6).
  • Grey, cotton sweatshirt.
  • White, cotton sweatshirt.
  • Synthetic and leather, blue, webbed belt.
  • Leather, white Nike tennis shoes (Size 8).
  • South African Rand bill.