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Washington County John Doe was a teenager whose remains were found in 1998. He had died sometime between 1914 and 1925.


  • He has a partially healed fracture on his left hand.
  • He has a thirteenth right rib.
  • His right arm is overdeveloped, indicating a heavy industry worker.
  • He has tobacco stains on his teeth indicating he was a smoker or tobacco user.
  • He had a severe pulmonary infection, perhaps contributing to his death.

Clothing and accessories

  • 2 shirts.
  • A jacket.
  • A belt with a silver buckle.
  • Marshall Field's boots, sold through a catalogue in or around 1917.
    • His boots had little wear, suggesting he may have travelled by horse, rather than on foot.
      • The number 816 is stamped on the inside cotton liner of the right boot.
  • Denim pants.
    • Boots and denim clothing date to the turn of the century.