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Washington, D.C John Doe was a man found dead in an abandoned car in Washington, D.C It appeared that the car was used as a living quarters.


  • Partially gray, curly, coarse, wiry, hair with a length of 3/4 inches.
  • Receding hairline.
  • Grey mustache and beard.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Several burn scars on his chest and right leg.
  • Multiple square scars on left thigh consistent with skin grafting sites.

Clothing and accessories

  • Blue pullover sweatshirt.
  • Red plaid flannel button-up shirt.
  • Blue collar shirt.
  • Faux leather jacket.
  • White t-shirt.
  • Khaki pants.
  • Boxers.
  • Green pants.
  • White and blue striped socks.
  • White tennis shoes.
  • Cooper colored metal bracelet.
  • Brown leather wallet.
  • Red plastic coin purse.