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Washington, D.C. Jane Doe was a female found in a sitting position against a rock by passers-by, on February 21, 2008.


  • She had straight black hair with red highlights
  • There was a small brown mole below the left side of her lower lip.

Clothing and accessories

Most manufacturer's labels had been removed from her clothing.

  • She wore a blue winter coat with hood and front zipper grey slacks, black turtle necked shirt, grey sweater, red shirt and black sleeves shirt.
  • Beige, 3/4 length knit gloves were found near the body.
  • The decedent was wearing black, lace-up boots - size 8.5 with label "Basic Edition".
  • She wore red, plastic-framed glasses, white metal rope chain holding a white metal cross with a purple stone in the center of the cross; wristwatch on the right wrist.