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"Walter Newstrum" is the possible name of a man who committed suicide while having a mental episode in Lincoln County, Montana on August 17, 1912.


On the evening of August 17, 1912, a porter on the Great Northern passenger train No. 2 noticed the victim on a rock in the Kootenai River about two miles this side of the Great Falls. Coroner George Ottawa and Sheriff Deputy William Curtis went to the scene and eventually recovered the body after facing initial difficulties. His clothing and robust appearance suggested he was a laborer.

A baggage check for a trunk on the Northern Pacific railroad consigned to Spokane was found to have belonged to the man. Ottawa communicated with Spokane officials of the Northern Pacific on the matter. It was suggested the victim was someone named "Walter Newstrum," but his identity could not be confirmed.

Before his death, a Great Northern construction gang had seen him roaming around in the woods in a distressed state and asked him what was wrong. He said that somebody was throwing snowballs at him. Because he was distressed just before his death, it is believed he committed suicide by jumping into the river. He is now buried at the Libby Cemetery in Libby, Montana.


  • Large height.
  • Robust size.


  • Good underclothing.
  • Woolen outside shirt.
  • Blue jumper.
  • Khaki pants with a pair of blue bib overalls over them.
  • Buttons shoes.