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Wake County Jane Doe was a woman whose burning body was found in a field in North Carolina in 1968.


On April 28, 1968, a woman wearing a green and white polka dot dress was seen walking down Ten Ten Road in McCullers Crossroads, a community near Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. One witness stated that her mother and sister saw the woman while driving to a church up the road. About fifteen minutes later upon returning, they noticed a fire burning in a field. The women initially thought a farmer was burning something until the next day when a body was found in that spot.

A suspect, a tobacco planter from Canada, was brought in for questioning. Investigators believed that the woman came from Canada to meet the suspect because she was a stranger to neighbors. The suspect stated that he and a friend drove up the road to get a look at the woman, but said that she had vanished by the time they got there. The suspect died in 1992.

The whereabouts of the woman's remains are unknown, but hair and blood samples that were collected from the initial investigation are available.


  • Small ears.
  • Surgical scar below the left side of her navel.
  • Blood type A positive.
  • Black hair.
  • Four missing teeth and multiple fillings.

Clothing and accessories

  • Green and white polka dot dress or blouse with a zipper.
  • Brown Italian-style loafers, possibly of a cheaper brand within the $4-$10 range.
  • Greenish-blue woman's all-weather coat with gray lining.
  • Possible remnants of undergarments and pantyhose.
  • Gold and brown smoke-colored glasses.


  • More expensive transistor battery, possibly for a radio.
  • Two metallic buttons.
  • Top of a ballpoint pen with the inscription "Unipeco Mt. Vernon N.Y. U.S.A.".
  • Skin Dew cream for dry skin.
  • Overnight medicated cream priced at $1.25.
  • Silk Fashion liquid makeup priced at $1.75.
  • Part of a glass top with "_ilk of _ntimate" by Revlon, possibly Silk of Intimate perfume.
  • Metal tubes or containers possibly used for lipstick or eyeliner.
  • Hair clips and possible greenish-blue hair net.
  • Wireframe for a standing make-up mirror and glass shards of a mirror.
  • Thin Gillette blade in a wrapper
  • Pair of Permo TWEEZ tweezers.