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Vockerode John Doe was a man discovered in the Elbe River in a crate on the 5th of July 2016. 


On the 5th of July, 2016, a man was kayaking in the Elbe River in Germany where he noticed a suspicious looking crate in the water.

The crate was a toolbox produced in Germany, particularly during the 1990s. It had two stickers; a logo for the manufacturer of the crate (BERTA) and a logo for a German radio called "DF". Written on the side of the crate was the name "Albert Gluck".

The crate had been determined to have been thrown off of a bridge by two or more people above the Elbe River, near the A9 Highway. It was most likely thrown off of the side of the bridge headed towards Munich, Germany


  • Shaved head.
  • Athletic build.
  • Previously broken nose .
  • Distinctive "dent" at the top of his skull unrelated to his death.
  • Poor oral health, unlikely to have received dental care.
  • Tattoo of the name "Michaela" on the left forearm, which was likely done in May 2016, 2 months prior to his discovery.
  • Had a plain gold ring (possibly a wedding ring).
  • Found wearing blue shorts and reddish-orange briefs.
  • Probably from Southeastern Europe, possibly the former Yugoslavia (consisting of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Montenegro), Romania, Bulgaria, or the Czech Republic. Lived there for ~35 years
  • Only lived in Germany 6-10 years prior to death, lived inland, away from the coast.