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Via Tarra John Doe was a man who was found on the street of the same name in Milan, Italy, on August 21, 2001. His clothing and personal items were not from Italy, and suggest he may have been from another country (likely the US).


  • Brown/gray hair, 10 cm long.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Graying full beard and mustache.
  • 3 cm scar on back of right hand.
  • Tattoo on left forearm: "JON" with 3 hearts and a arrow through them with 5 green leaves.
  • Prosthetic teeth.

Clothing and accessories

  • White t-shirt with a green iguana and "COZUMEL MEXICO".
  • Beige "Billiy Up" brand pants, average length, size XL.
  • Flip-flop "Oslander" brand shoes.
  • Green and orange Miami Hurricanes cap.
  • Black and violet "Gattopard" brand bag.