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Vail Jane Doe was a woman found along a road in Vail, Arizona.

She is currently undergoing testing by Moxxy Forensics. It has been determined that she has strong DNA matches in Guatemala, primarily in the areas of Guatemala City, San Pedro Ayampuc, San José del Golfo, Quetzaltenango, San Pedro Yepocapa, and Chimaltenango. The following surnames—Muralles, Montenegro, Palencia, Pineda, Bautista, Maldonado, Reyes, Moratalla, and Del Cid—are believed to be connected to the decedent.


  • Black/dark brown hair.
  • Hyperpigmented, well-healed scar on lower inner aspect of left thigh and knee.
  • Depressed, hyperpigmented, well-healed scar from umbilicus to symphysis pubis.


Clothing and accessories[]

  • Black T-shirt with Winnie the Pooh characters near front pocket.
  • White and tan panties.
  • White socks.
  • Tan bra.
  • Multicolored handkerchiefs tied around feet.