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My name is Doggybag2355/SergeIvanov13 (I run both accounts, I could not log in to other devices with the doggybag account due to having signed in using twitch) and I am very interested in UID Cases, especially those surrounding the DNA Doe Project. I also heavily edit the Wikipedia pages for unidentified decedents, due to initially finding my interest in this on there, in the hopes that maybe others will be inspired to in the future after looking there.

I initially became aware of cases in my junior year of high school in 2013, when I first discovered the wikipedia page. In reading, I was both creeped out, but also interested in what I was seeing. One case that really stuck out to me in particular was the case of the Buckskin Girl, who was later identified as Marcia King. Flash forward to 2019, upon checking the page again, I realized that the Buckskin Girl was missing, and I later found out that she was identified. This is also how I became introduced to the DNA Doe Project and their cases. After another brief hiatus, in September of that year, I found that Orange Socks (Later ID'd as Debra Jackson), another case that stood out to me, had also been identified. This is when I started to actually browse DDP's site and begin looking at their cases. I found the case of the Clark County John Doe from Dubois, Idaho, and saw that he was pending identification. I had read up on him, and what investigators had initially thought, and was excited to see what his ID would bring. When he was finally ID'd on New Year's Eve, I was floored at all the twists and turns the case took, as well as the monumental leap in forensic science. From then on, I essentially became obsessed with UID's and helping them to get identified, through whatever means I could.

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