Unidentified Wiki

I'm just a particular individual that has interest in telling the stories of those who cannot and are stripped of their identities in death. My main focus right now is cases foreign to the US and cases concerning potentially LGBT+ individuals, especially individuals that may have been transgender. As someone who identifies on the transgender spectrum, I find it important for myself to tell the stories of my peers that were lost to hateful violence or other circumstances and bring them back to the people who loved them, preferably with their chosen name instead of their deadname.

I'm open to help or criticism of my grammar or format! I have been working with this platform for a year now but sometimes still make slipups so please let me know if I do so so I can improve.

I have taken 4 years of French and feel like I have a somewhat good grasp on the language, so I may be able to help with cases that are written in French. Though, please mind that I'm not technically fluent and may not be able to understand slang terms used or even vulgar language.

Nameless cases I'm interested in

Named/ID'd cases I'm interested in