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I've been interested in doe cases for many years now, with the first case that captivated me being the Lady of the Dunes. Since then, I've taken time studying up about these cases and what details could be found about the poor souls who were stripped of their identities whether in horrific circumstances or purely just the tragic. Despite my work as an artist currently, I hope to delve further into college studies for forensics or at least the workings of DNA.

As of right now, I'm focused on documenting international cases from around the globe given a lot of unidentified deceased cases are very America-centric. The popularity of American cases is understandable given several factors, but I want to bring the stories of the nameless from other countries into light, especially translating them the best I can with aid so they reach a wider audience. Aside from this, when it comes to American cases and documenting them I often focus on cases of potential migrants and potential trans/LGBT+ individuals.

I'm open to help or criticism of my grammar or format! I'm also new to making articles on this platform so please let me know if I make some errors.

I have taken 4 years of French and feel like I have a somewhat good grasp on the language, so I may be able to help with cases that are written in French. Though, please mind that I'm not technically fluent and may not be able to understand slang terms used or even vulgar language.

Nameless cases I'm interested in

Named/ID'd cases I'm interested in