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My name is Anibal M. Papadiamantopoulos. I am a Uruguayan born to a Greek couple (Hence my very long and very Greek surname). If anybody is curious of how I can write and understand English so well, I spend a lot of time in New York and New Jersey, where I have family.

I am a university student majoring in architecture and sometimes during me leisure time I like to look up mysterious disappearances, which is why I'm here. Also my sister is studying criminal justice and forensic science in college now, and she got me hooked with programs such as Forensic Files and Unsolved Mystery, so yeah...

Originally I was in Unidentified Wiki, but now I'll be helping out they're sister Wikia, International Missing Persons Wiki.

Pages Created

  • The disappearance of Marble Arvidson (Unidentified Wiki)
  • The disappearance of Stevie Bates (Unidentified Wiki)