Unidentified Wiki

Hello users! Some new changes will be made to the Wiki in the near future that consist of the details listed below.

Confirmed changes

  • Criteria for "Developing Cases," distinguished as undergoing major case breaks will be redefined as follows:
    • Cases being researched by genetic genealogy organizations or companies will no longer fall into this category, unless information leading to a potential identity comes to light.
    • Recent discoveries (individuals located within six months of present day) will no longer be marked as "developing" solely for the short duration following the location of their remains, unless credible information is released suggesting an identification may take place.

Page notices

  • Cases including circumstances of suicide will have the template {{Suicide warning}} at the top of their article as a content advisory for this sensitive topic.
  • {{Recent discovery}} will appear at the top of an article where the individual has been located within six months prior to present day.


  • Category:Sex workers will replace all related categories (including exotic/erotic dancers) falling under this umbrella term, especially as the word "prostitute" is becoming more obsolete and considered derogatory.

Survey results

As of October 22, 2020, the following changes have been voted on, and the majority of participants were in favor.

  • Missing person cases will be moved to the International Missing Persons Wiki, which was recently started.
  • UNSUB cases will eventually be moved to an entirely separate Wiki
  • Featured case voting will be changed to a survey link for administrative review, with the results being published after a decision is made, based on user responses.