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Here on the Unidentified Wiki, we value the extensive contributions by our variety of diverse editors. Here, members of the site can nominate a case close to them for "featured" status, which indicates the importance of the article's subject to our website.

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Definition of a "Featured Case"[]

A featured case can have two major reasons for nomination. The first is for its popularity in the media or legacy it left. Its importance to bringing change in the field of science and technology, or perhaps the length of time it may have taken to solve supports the reasons for consideration.

A second factor is the content of the article. A case may not be as well known to the public, yet the quality of writing and the amount of work put into the page is worth recognizing.

Cases with a featured status will have a star symbol next to their name in the infobox portion of their entry.


For those participating in the nomination process or the discussion following, some steps must be taken.

  • To nominate a case, add a new section to this page detailing the case title (with a link), giving a short description, and why it was nominated.
  • Users are to respond with "support," "neutral," or "oppose" in bold, followed by their reason for such a decision.
    • In order to be selected, a case must have at least three "support" votes.
      • The votes supporting the nomination must outnumber the opposition votes.
      • At least one administrator is required to voice support for a nomination to be selected.
  • All comments must be civil and appropriate. Failure to do so may result in a temporary block.
  • Decisions should be made by means other than emotional; as we need to avoid a bias of this type.
  • Cases that have issues with formatting, copy and pasting from other sources, or otherwise very short are ineligible for nomination until such concerns are adjusted.
  • Please link to your user page (ex: [[User:Example|Example]]) at the end of your comment to identify yourself as the voter.


Carl Isaacs Jr.[]

Carl Isaacs Jr. is a young man that is suspected to have died accidentally on the bank of Turtle Creek, in Clinton, Wisconsin. His recent identification has raised more questions than it answers, and it's a great example on how little communication between police departments can effect a John Doe case. He ran from house arrest, And then the body of a male fitting his description was found, But no one made the link for so long. It's a prime example that things that could;ve been solved so long ago can be halted by poor communications, and i think it would make a great featured case. - (Nominated By Locke420)

  • Neutral - This case is indeed an interesting one, especially with the pendant originating from a close town. It's very fortunate he was seemingly identified by the DNA Doe Project though that identification has yet to be confirmed by law enforcement. Though, I'm hesitant as I feel the case may become more detailed once his identification is confirmed and lends more information on what may have happened and why no one recognized him. Right now, I feel some info may be lacking but this is indeed a case with details that aren't as immense as others. - Baipopaibo
  • Oppose: Although a well-known John Doe while unidentified, I feel there has not been much further information following his identification. For this reason, I am going with Oppose. - Hoshiiiii

Nikko John Doe[]

Nikko John Doe was a man whose dismembered remains were discovered on a former golf course in Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, in January 2022. I have gone through and translated many sources regarding this case so it is well-detailed. There are also many unique aspects to this case, like how the man and his killer remains unidentified, but a number of people have been charged in this case regarding corpse abandonment and mutilation and how he actually died years before he was found. I also feel we should add more international cases. It is for these reasons I believe he should be a featured case. - (Nominated by Hoshiiiii)

  • Support: I definitely agree in a need to feature more international cases. The Nikko John Doe is a case I've tried to keep tabs on ever since I've come across it, and the developments over the years seem to unveil an even bigger rabbit hole. I personally feel that, while taking into account the criteria for the featured section, his case definitely would fit. - Baipopaibo
  • Support: I've looked into the article, and it was one of the most brutal cases I have ever seen. The article is well-detailed, and there has been many recent developments. I would agree with you. - ResearcherofUnidentifiedvictims
  • Oppose: Despite the detail of the page and articles provided, the case is simply too recent and there's still an ongoing trial regarding the case that could cause major edits in the future. - HochmanIV


Ginger was a teenage girl who was found deceased in a densely wooded area in Altamonte Springs, Seminole County, Florida and may have been a victim of the serial killer Joe Spaziano. Her page is well-written and in-depth, providing a decently detailed chronological and investigative history of the case. Her case is also quite well known in the UID community and many appeals have been made to solve her case (hence the amount of reconstructions provided) to no avail. With the 51st anniversary of her discovery only a month away, I would like to nominate "Ginger" as a featured case not only due to the popularity of her case but the grip it's had on the UID community for many, many years. - (Nominated by HochmanIV)

  • Oppose: I don't believe the page provides the detailing to warrant a featured case nomination. - Hoshiiiii

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