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=== Unidentified ===
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NoImageAvailable.png|Wagga Wagga John Doe, New South Wales, 1879{{GH}}|link=Wagga Wagga John Doe
NoImageAvailable.png|Gerogery John Doe, New South Wales, 1880s{{GSH}}|link=Gerogery John Doe
NoImageAvailable.png|Murrumbidgee River John Doe, New South Wales, 1888{{GH}}|link=Murrumbidgee River John Doe
NoImageAvailable.png|Christmas Island John Doe, Christmas Island, 1942|link=Christmas Island John Doe
Somerton Man recon.jpg|"Somerton Man," South Australia, 1948{{GH}}/{{GS}}|link=Somerton Man
St kilda.jpg|St. Kilda Jane Doe, Victoria, 1961{{GN}}|link=St. Kilda Jane Doe
MrCruel.jpg|"Mr. Cruel," Victoria, 1987{{GUNSUB}}|link=Mr. Cruel
143UMNSW.jpg|Maitland John Doe, New South Wales, 1996|link=Maitland John Doe (1996)
PerthJohnDoe.png|Perth John Doe, Western Australia, 1998{{GA}}|link=Perth John Doe
Nsw jd.png|Sydney John Doe, New South Wales, 2001|link=Sydney John Doe (2001)
995UMNSW.jpg|Blue Mountains John Doe, New South Wales, 2004{{GA}}|link=Blue Mountains John Doe
967UMVIC.jpg|Melbourne John Doe, Victoria, 2004{{GN}}|link=Melbourne John Doe
Pakenham man.jpg|"Pakenham Man," Victoria, 2008{{GA}}|link=Pakenham Man
Nambour recon.jpg|Nambour John Doe, Queensland, 2008|link=Nambour John Doe
NoImageAvailable.png|Tumbulgum John Doe, New South Wales, 2012|link=Tumbulgum John Doe
NoImageAvailable.png|Sydney John Doe, New South Wales, 2018{{GS}}|link=Sydney John Doe (2018)
''Please see [[Unidentified Wiki:Cases in Australia]] for the case index.''
=== Missing ===
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Linda stillwell.jpg|Linda Stillwell, Victoria, 1968{{GSH}}|link=Linda Stillwell
Barbara may mcculkin.jpg|Barbara May McCulkin, Queensland, 1974{{GH}}|link=Barbara May McCulkin
Vicki mcculkin.jpg|Vicki McCulkin, Queensland, 1974{{GH}}|link=Vicki McCulkin
Barbara leanne mcculkin.jpg|Barbara Leanne McCulkin, Queensland, 1974{{GH}}|link=Barbara Leanne McCulkin
Anna Banitskas 01.jpg|Anna Banitskas, Victoria, 1974|link=Anna Banitskas
Tony jones.jpg|Tony Jones, Queensland, 1982{{GSH}}|link=Tony Jones
Bradford pholi.jpg|Bradford Pholi, New South Wales, 1982{{GH}}|link=Bradford Pholi
Sarah knight.jpg|Sarah Knight, New South Wales, 1986{{GH}}|link=Sarah Knight
2307DMNSW.jpg|Ross Warren, New South Wales, 1989{{GSH}}|link=Ross Warren
Colleen walker.jpg|Colleen Walker, New South Wales, 1991{{GSH}}|link=Colleen Walker
Radina.jpg|Radina Djukich, Western Australia, 1992{{GSH}}|link=Radina Djukich
Daniel sheppard.jpg|Daniel Sheppard, Southern Australia, 1995{{GSH}}|link=Daniel Sheppard
Sara davey.jpg|Sara Davey, Western Australia, 1997{{GSH}}|link=Sara Davey
Gregory armstrong.jpg|Greg Armstrong, Queensland, 1997{{GSH}}|link=Greg Armstrong
Joy antonio.jpg|Joy Antonio, Queensland, 1998{{GSH}}|link=Joy Antonio
Petronella albert.jpg|Petronella Albert, Western Australia, 1999{{GSH}}|link=Petronella Albert

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Please see Unidentified Wiki:Cases in Australia for the case index.



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