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Ulster County John Doe was a man whose remains were found in New York. He had committed suicide. He is known for carrying a photograph with a man and a toddler, whose relation to him is unknown; he may not have been the male subject. He may have originally been from France or another European country.


On August 15, 1988, a decomposed body of a man was found in a wooded area near the Wiltwyck Cemetery behind Pine Grove Avenue. He had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. A picture of a man with a baby was found in the possession of the decedent. However, it has never been confirmed that the man in the picture and the deceased are the same person, and currently, no facial reconstruction of the deceased subject exists to serve as a point of comparison. Clothing labels suggest that the man is of European descent.

Entire photograph


  • Pair of Rene Lezard: "Femme & Homme" green/black or blue plaid, pleated pants (size 98) with a label which read "Pure New Wool" in English and three other languages
  • Pair of brief white underwear with red stripes; "Chemise Lacoste" blue pullover knit shirt (with an alligator profile as the logo)
  • The shirt and pants show French tags and sizes.
  • Pair of worn, black loafers with black tassels on top and the word "Hikers" printed on the sole of the right shoe along with "9" printed on the inner sole
  • A pair of white socks with dark blue and light blue stripes


  • Bulova quartz gold wristwatch with no inscriptions on the back
  • One thin, delicate, yellow-metallic, chain clasp necklace with a bronze or gold-colored cross attached
  • Found in the back pocket of the victim's pants was a soft, black, leather wallet, appearing to be of good quality, The wallet contains a "1988 Comerzbank Calender"
  • A colored photograph of a white male with long, wavy, brown hair, wearing a green sweater and holding a white infant with a spoon in his mouth and a bib on his chest