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This individual's NamUs file has recently been removed. While this implies the resolution of a case, no identification has been confirmed at this time.
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Twinsburg John Doe was a male whose partial remains were discovered at a business in Twinsburg, Ohio on February 18, 1982.

He is currently undergoing testing by the DNA Doe Project.


The partial remains were discovered behind a business that is now closed by an employee. Initially, a skull was found but a garbage bag containing bones was later discovered roughly 40-50 feet away.

There was evidence of stabbing, blunt force trauma and post-mortem burning on the victim's body. He had also been dismembered before being placed into the garbage bag.

Investigators believe he could be from outside Ohio, and possibly be from the Detroit, Michigan area.

2020 developments

In February 2020, it was revealed that the decedent may have ancestral ties to Laurens County in South Carolina. The DNA Doe Project expanded on this and said that he may have ties to Spartanville County or Greenville County, South Carolina as well as Brooklyn, New York and Washington D.C.

He possibly had one of the following surnames (based on relatives): Anderson, Beavers, Cheek, Croft, Crump, Dunlap, Fleming, Harris, Johnson, Little, Monroe, Porter, Trippe, Thomas, Whitworth, and Young.


  • He had Kyphosis (forward curvature of the spine), which might have caused a slouched posture.


  • Investigators believe he or his killer may have worked at the former Chrysler Stamping Plant in Twinsburg