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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

Laytwan "Twan" Brown was a young man found murdered in 1998. He was identified in 2018.


His skeletal remains were found by fishermen. There were multiple gunshot wounds to the skull, and stab wounds to the sacrum and right hipbone. There was also evidence of a burning attempt. The jawline shown in his reconstruction is estimated as his mandible was never found. The remaining maxillary teeth showed no evidence of any fillings, indicating a lack of dental care when alive. Some of his teeth were fractured, possibly because he used them to open bottles. His hand(s) and limb(s) were not recovered.


Laytwan vanished shortly after he moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin in 1998, and remained unreported missing for six months following his disappearance. He was connected to the unidentified body via DNA testing, and the murder investigation is currently ongoing. His postmortem estimate was incorrect, as he was found just 18 days after he was last seen (his postmortem was months to a year).