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"Tuan Nguyen" was the unverified name used by a man who was struck by a vehicle in 2014. He was a transient who had lived in the area for around twenty years, but nobody has been able to identify him. Security camera footage of the man had been taken less than an hour before he died.


On the evening of October 4, 2014, the deceased was drinking a coffee and charging his phone at a donut shop in Canoga Park, California. A car crashed through the window of the shop, fatally striking the man.

Allegedly, the man was a regular at the shop and was well-known to people in the area he frequented. According to people who knew him, he was a 56-year-old homeless man named Tuan Nguyen, and he had been living in the area for about 20 years. He was originally a refugee from Vietnam. Despite being well-liked and having befriended multiple people, his name was not able to be verified.

His remains have since been cremated, but a DNA sample was taken from his body.