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Troup County John Doe was a man found murdered in the northern end of West Point Lake near the city of LaGrange in Troup County, Georgia on March 11, 1990. He is believed to have died no earlier than January 1990.


Fishermen who were out in the northern area of lake found this body in the water. The body had been left (or drifted to) the far northern part of the lake near where it renarrows back into the Chattahoochee River, which is wooded and somewhat remote with few roads nearby. He had killed by gunshot, twice in the head.

His case was listed by Doe Network as identified in 2018 after GBI took it down, but the "Identified" banner is not on his page and after his case was added to NamUs on January 19, 2020, the case was brought back.


  • Tattoo of "MOM", upper right arm.
  • Tattoo of the right side of a mouse's face, upper right chest.
  • Tattoo of a person snorting cocaine, right back. The tattoo is noticeably detailed: they are specifically holding up their left arm holding a spoon in a rightward direction with their pinky extended, the spoon above a plate with a razor blade by it. The right hand index finger is pressed against their right nostril, with a powder (cocaine) in the spoon under the left nostril. Smoke/clouds are seen emanating from their ears.

Clothing and accessories

  • Light brown "Big Mac" overalls, dark blue-black nylon lining, zippers on leg sides, size 46R.
  • Blue, green, and yellow "Big Mac" long-sleeve plaid flannel shirt, size L.
  • "Corona: Extra" short sleeve t-shirt with "Corona" logos on left front breast and back.
  • Blue "Sassoon" jeans.
  • Black belt with Eisenhower silver dollar buckle.
  • Brown "Hush Puppy" high-top boots, size 9.5, design 86015-669704 (L off, R on)
  • White sock, R foot.
  • White underwear.
  • Casio digital watch with black plastic band, L wrist.
  • Silver cigarette lighter, inscribed "C. A. M.", in L overall pocket.
  • Camel filtered cigarette pack.
  • Sterling silver ring with blue stone, "Missouri Pacific Kansas Division" from 1979. These were given out by the Union Pacific Railroad.