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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

"Torso Girl" is the nickname of a young woman who was the first victim and only unidentified victim of serial killer Wayne Adam Ford. The first of her remains were found in Eureka, California on October 26, 1997.


The victim's torso was found by a duck hunter on a muddy bank of a tidal slough. Her left arm and hand was found on the ocean beach near McKinleyville, California and her breasts and thighs were found in a wooded area near Trinidad, California in 1998. All the recovered parts were confirmed via DNA as belonging to the same woman. Other body parts, such as her head, were not recovered. After surrendering to authorities in November of 1998, Wayne Adam Ford confessed to her murder. He told police she was a hitchhiker he picked up. She told him she was from either Arizona, Colorado, or New Mexico and left because she was upset over either a child custody case or a relationship issue. Ford’s statements on this victim have not been verified. Between October 1997-November 1998, Ford killed four female prostitutes or hitchhikers and was sentenced to death for his crimes.


  • Dark brown pubic hair.
  • Small & dark-colored dot, possibly a well-healed pencil puncture from childhood, that is poorly defined on high upper right thigh
  • Ring/chain of small flowers around an unspecified ankle according to Ford, but this cannot be confirmed.
  • Gave birth to at least one child.


No clothing was ever recovered. However, Ford remembered she wore the following:

  • Blue-green pants w/ a wild pattern.
  • Small tennis shoes.