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Toronto John Doe was a man who was found deceased on the lawn of the Metropolitan United Church, near the intersection of Queen Street and Church Street in Toronto, Ontario in 1992.


  • Short grey/white hair.
  • Possibly brown or hazel eyes.
  • He wore full upper and lower dentures.
  • "Discolored" mark on the left side of the face.
  • Slender build.

Clothing and accessories

  • Long-sleeved, red sweater (Size L 42 – 44).
  • Blue, ‘Levis – Coasters’ brand jeans (Waist 33″, inseam 32″).
  • Boxer style underwear, blue (Size 32).
  • Tan shoes, lace-up type.
  • Grey socks.
  • Black prescription sunglasses.
  • Gold chain, rectangular pendant.
  • Silver, multi-coloured stripes, worn on the ring finger, left hand.