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Toronto John Doe was a man found in the stairway of a building at 901 King Street West in Toronto, Ontario in 2019.


  • Short black/grey hair.
  • His teeth were good.
  • Has healed clavicle and rib fractures on the front of the torso.
  • He had several tattoos:
    • A camera on his left hand.
    • A roll of flim on the back of his neck.
    • Coloured ship with clouds on the left upper arm.
    • A sleeve on the right arm including:
      • Flowers.
      • Tiny starfishes.
      • Dots.
    • A sleeve on the left forearm including:
      • Black billards 8 ball.
      • A bird.
      • A skull with a top hat.
    • Flowers, shading, small circles, and a wave/vine pattern on the upper right arm.


  • Black cotton "Vancouver Canada" t-shirt, written with a leaf emblem (medium size).
  • Black nylon "British Columbia Company" pants (size 34x30).