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Toronto John Doe was a man found deceased in Lake Ontario's Toronto harbor.


  • He had long, brown hair.
  • His appendix was present.
  • He wasn't circumcised.
  • A 2.75 inch "curved" scar was on his left knee.
  • He'd received extensive dental treatment.
    • He had many fillings.
    • His upper right central incisor had a root canal treatment with a metallic restoration at the end of its root.
    • His lower right lateral incisor and lower left central incisor had root canal treatment as well.
    • His top left left lateral incisors was removed before his death.
    • One of his right central incisors was stained gray.

Clothing and belongings

  • His outfit consisted of:
    • A black, leather jacket.
    • Underneath his black jacket was a blue, leather jacket.
    • A black t-shirt from True North Sweats Designer.
    • Under his black t-shirt was a white t-shirt.
    • White, denim jeans.
    • Black Levi's jeans.
    • Underneath his black jeans were white, denim jeans.
    • Two pairs of underwear.
    • White socks.
    • Blue and white L.A. Gear running shoes.
  • Other personal effects he had with him included:
    • A Bic lighter was in his left rear pocket.
    • A black comb was also in his left rear pocket.
    • He wore a metal, chained necklace.