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Toronto John Doe was a man who was found deceased at the Woodbine Subway Station in Toronto, Ontario.


  • He was possibly European.
  • He had a receding hairline and his hair color was brown and gray.
  • He had long, wide sideburns measuring down to his ears.
  • His eyes were brown.
  • He had an overbite and there was visible decay on his teeth.
  • He had a slender/thin build and looked "emaciated."
  • His fingernails were very short, possibility from nail-biting.
  • A vertical 1 inch scar was on the inside of his wrist.
  • An old 1.5 inch "V" shaped scar on the right side of his chin.

Clothing and accessories

  • A blue, red, green, and white plaid shirt in a size large.
  • A white t-shirt in a size large.
  • A black belt with a silver buckle.
  • Green khaki pants in a size 36
  • Blue underwear.
  • White socks.
  • Black running shoes in a size 11 with two velcro straps and "Olympian" in red letters on the sides.

Profile view of subject showing distinct ear shape, nose shape