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Tim Parry
Age 19
Race White
Sex Male
Location Iron County, Utah
Disappeared July 18, 1989
Missing for 32 years
Height 5'4
Weight 100-110 pounds
Classification Not stated

Timothy Scott Parry  was a young man who walked away from his home in Cedar City on July 18, 1989. He has not been heard from since.


Additional photo

  • He has brown hair
  • Brown or hazel eyes.
  • Burn scars on the palms of both his hands.
  • He looked much younger than he actually was.
  • He has Epilepsy.
  • He has Angelman's Syndrome a.k.a Happy Puppet Syndrome.
  • When frightened he may scream and shake his hands.
  • He has brain damage which causes him to be unbalanced.
  • His face peels under his eyes.
  • He has porphyria.
  • He has an allergy to the sun.
  • He may suffer from memory loss.


Tim was last seen wearing:

  • A red-and-blue striped short-sleeved shirt.
  • Faded jeans.
  • Tennis shoes.