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Till in 2016 (age: 14)

Till Ramming from Würzburg, Germany, has been missing since September 16, 2017. At that time he left for an alleged internship - but did not return.


Till was told to go back home, but remained disappeared. Even when the Youth Welfare Office put him on the train with a ticket, he got off on the way and did not come back.

Already in May 2017, Till took the train to Lingen (Lower Saxony) to an online gaming acquaintance without his parents' consent, but returned on his own.

The last telephone contact with Till was in mid-October 2017, when Till told a school friend that he was doing well and did not want to go home. After that he could no longer be reached by phone.


  • Date of birth: 25.06.2002
  • Size:180 cm
  • Language/dialect: German (dialect: Franconian)
  • Central European phenomenon
  • strong to thick figure (approx. 115 kg heavy)
  • eye color: green, blue
  • brown hair


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