Unidentified Wiki
Thomas Murray Jr.
Age 23
Race White
Sex Male
Location Spring, Texas
Disappeared October 19, 2011
Missing for 10 years
Height 5'6"
Weight 140 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Thomas Charles "T.J." Murray Jr. (born November 23, 1987) was a man who went missing from Spring, Texas.


On October 19th, 2011, at around 12:30 AM Murray went missing after leaving the 'On the Rox' bar.

At the bar, Murray got into an altercation with an unspecified amount of people, which caused him to get kicked out. A friend of Murray's then called T.J.'s brother, James, to pick him up. When James arrived, T.J. was gone, with his truck still in bar's parking lot. He has not been seen since then. Foul play is suspected in his case, which remains unsolved.


  • Red t-shirt with white lettering.
  • Khaki shorts.
  • Dark colored baseball cap.