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Theodore Frederick Kampf was a man who was found deceased near the North Fork Dam. His exact cause of death is unknown, but is being treated as a homicide.

He was identified with assistance from Othram Inc. in 2021, as a man who had gone missing from Camden County, New Jersey two years prior.


Kampf was found by somebody looking for firewood. His lower torso was buried several meters from a road near a wooded area. It's believed he was completely buried at one point, but was dug up from animal activity. He may have been camping.


  • Wavy, brown hair that was greying.
  • Visible gold teeth; he had a gold, sub-crown used as a base for expensive restorative dental work.
  • A protruding lower law.
  • Hairy legs.
  • A thin or medium build.


  • A size 36 belt with a metal buckle, labeled "5691" and "genuine leather."
  • Dark blue, denim pants that were "crudely" hemmed with orange thread.
  • White, cotton Hanes underwear.
  • White, cotton socks.
    • He is believed to be American due to his clothes.