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Sussex County Doe is an individual whose hair was found at Fenwick Island State Park in Sussex County, Delaware on July 9, 2011.


The clump of hair was discovered in the afternoon by a sixty-seven-year-old fisherman from Grasonville, Maryland after his hook was entangled in debris. He also found a pair of sunglasses, a shark tooth necklace, and hair bands and turned everything in to the police the next day.

The next day, a lifeguard located a small amount of human hair and other accessories while walking along the beach in front of Ocean Village, Bethany Beach. He turned over the hair and other accessories to the police. Still, another fisherman also caught quantity of hair in ocean while surf casting from beach north of Fenwick Island.

DNA analysis confirmed the hair was human and it yielded a full, single-source mitochondrial profile that does not currently match any other known missing persons case.


  • Brown hair.


  • Fossil Mitchell black semi Matte (0DR5) Eyeglasses which has a matte black frame with black and yellow divided colors on both distal ends.
  • Light brown and dark brown twine macram or knot-stitched necklace with an apparent shark's tooth pendant with an etched inscription of REP.DOM. The shark's tooth is approximately three centimeters wide and five centimeters high.
  • Dirtied white shoelace with clumps of hair entangled within.
  • Mottled brown-and orange piece of string or narrow bore twine with an approximate diameter of one millimeter.
  • Five strand strip of three neon red and two neon blue cording with an approximate diameter of one and a half to two millimeters for each cord.
  • Blue puka-type bracelet containing alternating tan to white seashells, white puka shells, and light tan and dark tan brown beads. There is no obvious closure mechanism, therefore it is thought that the shells and beads are strung on elastic cording. The puka shells appear to be approximately three millimeters in diameter and the tan and white seashells appear to be approximately six millimeters wide by eight millimeters high.