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Steven Alexander "Stevie" Crawford (October 2, 1960 - July 1963) was a toddler who was discovered in 1963 in Jackson County, Oregon. He originated from New Mexico, and had been born with Down Syndrome. He was last known to have been seen by his mother who told their family that he was "taken care of".

He was identified in late June 2021.


Crawford's body was found wrapped in a blanket by a fisherman. The blankets around him were bundled tightly to conceal his body. His cause of death was confirmed as a homicide by the Jackson County Police Department.


In June 2021, Crawford was confirmed to have been identified after matching DNA was found on 23andMe by a private company to a family in New Mexico. Once determined, the family explained to authorities that the child was known to have had Down Syndrome and that long ago his mother had returned from a trip saying that he was "taken care of". Crawford's mother has since passed, hindering any investigation into possible filicide. The family now plans on transporting the boy's remains to New Mexico to be buried in his home state with a gravestone bearing his name.


  • The boy had Down Syndrome.
  • Long, sandy blond to light brown hair.
  • DNA phenotyping suggested he had dark eyes.

Clothing and accessories

  • Clothing was likely purchased at JC Penney.
  • Red long-sleeved shirt with thin white stripes.
  • Gray corduroy pants with elastic waist and a buckle.
  • A cloth diaper with blue diaper pins.
  • White anklet socks.
  • White walker shoes known as "Jumping Jacks". Possibly purchased at Norris Shoe Store in downtown Medford, Oregon.