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"Steven Shelton" was the possible name of a man struck by a vehicle in 1995.

He remained hospitalized for almost a year before he died of complications from the accident.


The John Doe has been involved in a car accident on July 20, 1995, where he was taken to the Grady Hospital for severe head injuries. He passed away at the hospital approximately one year later, during the entire time he was in a comatose state. He was tentatively identified as a man named "Steven Shelton" based on a slip of paper with the name written on it, however, a positive identification was never made.


  • He had slightly curly black hair and light brown eyes.
  • He had multiple tattoos: "Virgo" written in blue ink on his left shoulder, a flaming star or planet in between his thumb and index finger (unspecified on which hand), and a large dragon on his chest.