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Startex Jane Doe, also known as Ms. Startex, was a female who was discovered under a couch alongside Highway 290 in Startex, South Carolina in 2011. Over 80 women have been ruled out as being the decedent.

She is currently undergoing testing by the DNA Doe Project. A new reconstruction was made for the decedent in 2021. Genealogy testing found that she had ancestral ties to the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico.


  • Dark, auburn hair that was most likely dyed.
  • Possibly had pierced ears.
  • Average build.
  • A healing fracture in her sternum, possibly indicating she was injured in a vehicle accident 2-8 weeks prior to her death.
  • Possibly suffered from thoracic outlet syndrome, which would have caused pain and numbness in her forearm and hand.


  • Gold earrings with a red stone.