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Stanton Jane Doe was a young woman who died in an automobile-pedestrian accident in 2005. Over 140 women have been ruled out as the decedent.


The decedent was seen crossing Beach Boulevard and Orangewood Avenue against a red light. At around 9:05 PM, she was struck by a car. She was taken to West Anaheim Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.


  • Her hair was long and measured ten to twelve inches. It was brown or black with tight curls.
  • She had brown eyes.
  • Her ethnicity is unknown but she had a dark complexion.
    • It's suspected she was either black, Hispanic, a Pacific Islander, or biracial.
  • She had a "well-nourished" build.
  • A faint inch long scar was on her inner left ankle.
  • One single freckle/mole was on her inner left wrist or forearm.

Clothing and accessories

  • Her outfit consisted of:
    • A jacket with "New York" written on the front and "NY Black Yankees" written on a sleeve.
    • Several single bangle bracelets.
    • A white striped shirt.
    • A black tank top with "Baby Girl" written on the front.
    • A black bra.
    • Tan colored panties.
    • Jeweled flip flops with thin leather straps.
  • A bus pass for Route 38 from the Lakewood area for September 11, 2005. It was bought from the Buena Park Mall and the receipt for the bus pass was dated the same day.
  • A Best of Reggaeton 2005 Solo Para DJs CD.
  • A black purse with short straps.




  1. The female's exact racial background is listed as "uncertain."