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Stafford County Jane Doe was a woman whose skeletal remains were found by hunters in 1998. 612 women have been ruled out as the decedent.


Hunters stumbled upon the bag containing the decedent's skeletal remains under layers of fallen leaves in remote woods off Telegraph Road, in northern Stafford. The location of discovery was near a cemetery in a spot known as "Witches Pond", which is allegedly haunted.


  • Medium light brown hair.
    • She wore her hair in braids at the time of discovery.
  • She had a healed rib fracture.


  • Grey/white 'Washington Redskins' 'Salem Sportswear' brand T-shirt.
  • Black/white camouflage or tiger pattern shorts with cuffs.
  • Two pairs of dark hose.
    • One has a diamond pattern.
    • The other has no pattern; tag reads "L'eggs size B".
  • Fragments of blue jeans with a zipper; tag reads "Made in America".
  • Pair of tan/creme colored canvas high heeled shoes with rubber soles and buckles. Label reads "Classified"; size 8 1/2.


  • One yellow leaf-shaped metal drop earring.
  • Black/onyx ring with a pentagram.
  • Gold-tone ring with dark/onyx stones.
  • Plastic, tiny, pink bear trinket.
  • A pair of dark brown, oval-shaped sunglasses stamped with the word "China".
  • A blue lighter, possibly indicating that she was a smoker.
  • Long, brown comb.



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