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Winston Richard Morris (April 26, 1939 - c. July 1969), also known as “Skip,” was a man found murdered in Salem, New Hampshire in 1969. He was identified in April 2020.


Morris had been travelling around the New England states at the time of his murder and had been released from Vermont State Prison in May, 1969. He was last seen in Vermont on July 25, 1969.


Morris' body was discovered on August 7, 1969, in a water-filled pit on the exit side of I-93 in Salem, New Hampshire. He had been shot twice in the head, once in the neck and once in the torso.


Efforts to identify the victim came up empty as fingerprint searches through databases turned up negative results. Eventually, a description of the fingerprints were entered into the FBI’s Automated Biometric Identification System by hand by New Hampshire criminologist Timothy Jackson, and Morris came up as a match.


  • Wide shoulders.
  • Slightly hunched over in appearance.
  • Upper and lower jaws were disproportionate resulting in a substantial under-bite and seemingly oversized lower jaw with buck teeth.
  • A severe break to the right upper thigh bone that had been repaired with a surgical plate and six screws. This break would have taken months to heal, during which the man would have had an extensive plaster cast and needed crutches.


  • Tan shirt with blue stripes with a Bradlees sales tag.
  • Bluish-green slacks.
  • Black socks.
  • Black shoes.