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Shoshone County John Doe was a man found at Exit 43 on I-90 and Couer d'Alene River Road in Kingston, Idaho.


At around 8:30am, law enforcement were notified of human remains found in a few feet of water in a drainage ditch, roughly 30ft off the road.

It was believed that the remains may have possibly been there for 2 years.


  • It was believed that he may have possibly been overweight.

Clothing and accessories

  • 'Shaka' brand jacket or shirt, super max heavy, size 4XL.
  • 'Shaka' brand pants.
  • Leather belt.
  • 'Hanes' brand socks.
  • 'Ariat' brand western cowboy boots, size 9.5.
  • Pack of cigarettes.
  • 'BIC' lighter in a front pocket.