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Shoshone County John Doe is a firefighter who was killed during the Great Fire of 1910.

Great Fire of 1910

During the weekend of August 20-21, 1910, the wildfire that became the Great Fire of 1910 occurred. Initially, it was a collection of small fires, but strong winds helped combine it into a firestorm that spread to the three states of Idaho, Montana, Washington. Three million acres and several entire towns were burned and eighty-seven people were killed in the fire, seventy-eight of them were firefighters fighting the fire. The exact cause of the fire and the cost in damages are unknown.

Twenty-eight of those firefighters were part of the "Lost Crew," a squadron of firefighters that were overcome by flames and killed by them near Setzer Creek outside of Avery, Shoshone County, Idaho. Eight remains of the men, including this victim, were not identified due to the bodies being burned beyond recognition. They are all buried at the Woodlawn Cemetery in Saint Maries, Benewah County, Idaho.