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Scunthorpe John Doe was a male whose decomposed body was found in the Ravensthorpe Woods in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. His remains were found in one of the many trench dugouts in England that originated from World War I. It is believed he had been living inside the structure and may have been from Poland.


  • Medium build.
  • Scar on the right of his chest.
  • Dark brown collar length hair.

Clothing and accessories

  • Khaki open necked shirt.
  • Red t-shirt.
  • Woolen blue work cardigan.
  • Dark coloured slacks.
  • Newspaper dated 04/07/75.
  • Mantel clock with brown wooden case.
  • Daily Record printed in Glasgow 09/04/73 with pencilled writing on it reading 'Maly palec prawy'.
  • Mirror 08/07/73 - with pencilled writing on it reading 'Dy smolest elektryk' & 'skein on topf last'.