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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

Saskatoon Jane Doe was a woman who was found in an abandoned well on June 29, 2006.


The woman's remains were found wrapped in burlap, appearing to be from a bag, and placed in a barrel. Evidence showed the possibility that her arm had been sawed off. Men's clothing, including a vest and pants, were found on top of her body, suggesting she may have been killed at the well.

The women's clothing, personal effects, and dental work caused investigators to believe she was of middle or upper class, as well as putting her year of death between 1900-1920. 


The woman's clothing was typical of the 1908-1916 period and included:

  • A skirt.
  • A blouse.
  • An undergarment, possibly a corset.

Her clothing was meant for Spring or Autumn wear.


  • An 18-karat gold necklace from European origin or an area of European influence, such as Montreal. This necklace was missing its pendant.


  • Light brown to reddish brown hair.
  • Stocky build.
  • Evidence of periodontal disease.