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Sasabe John Doe was a young man found deceased in Arizona in 2004.

He is currently undergoing testing by Moxxy Forensics. It has been determined that the decedent has strong DNA matches in the central region of Sonora, Mexico, including areas such as Altar, La Colorado, Hermosillo, Matazán, and Ures. It is believed he is of Indigenous Yaqui descent and likely has relatives in southern Arizona.


  • Black, curly hair.
  • Neatly trimmed mustache.
  • Two white scars on upper right arm.
  • Right little finger nail was significantly longer than other fingernails.

Clothing and accessories[]

  • Navy blue sweatshirt.
  • Gray undershirt with sleeves.
  • Green Mossimo brand denim jeans, size 32 waist.
  • Red Mr. Boxers brand boxer shorts with caveman design.
  • Red Max Air brand high-top sneakers, size 11.
  • White socks.
  • Black rubber anklet.