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Sarasota Jane Doe was a woman found deceased in Florida in 2007.


On February, 6, 2007, the decomposed remains of a woman were found in a wooded area between Ashton Court and Sarah Avenue in Sarasota, Florida. A teenage boy found a bone protruding from the earth and notified his mother, who was a nurse. She identified the bone as human and called the police.

The police unearthed the rest of the woman's body from a shallow grave, which was three feet deep. She was lying on her side and is believed to have been buried there months beforehand. No suspicious events were witnessed around the scene at the time of the woman's death. While her cause of death is undetermined, investigators believe it is a homicide due to the suspicious circumstances.


  • Saline breast implants, Mentor Smooth Round Moderate style that were manufactured in 1989. The surgery was subglandular (the implant is inserted above the mammary gland and under the pectoral muscle).
  • She may have fractured her nose and right wrist at some point in her life.
  • Long, reddish brown hair pulled back in a ponytail.
  • She had 'moderate' periodontal disease.
  • She had multiple metallic alloy dental fillings.

Clothes and accessories

  • Light coloured 'spice wear' skirt.
  • Leather string belt.
  • Multicolored cotton pullover shirt with an Italian label.
  • Two pairs of socks: one white pair and one blue-green pair.
  • Dark colored thong style underpants.