Sandra Nelson

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"Sandra Nelson" was the alias used by an unidentified woman who committed suicide in the Fort Collins Motel 9 on 11 July 2011. She arrived by taxi on June 26, 2011 and gave the false name of "Sandra Nelson" as well as the false address of 5203 Bosa Ave., Park City, Utah. On July 11, hotel staff noticed that she did not show up for breakfast and assumed she had checked out. They entered her room and found her deceased on the bed with empty pill bottles at her feet. Toxicology reports found a combination of pills in her system, with Tramadol ultimately killing her.

All identifying information had been removed from her belongings. Among her possessions were a walking cane, unmarked baggies of pills/ medications, a black purse with wallet but no personal information, a Bible, and the book "The Political Teachings of Jesus". She had a partial upper denture, a 5" well-healed lower midline abdominal scar and faint 6" transverse abdominal scar (possibly representing a past Cesarean section). All attempts to identify her have failed.


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