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San Miguel County John Doe is a male whose mummified remains were found by a rancher checking his fence. The rancher stated he had last been around his fence 3 weeks prior and never spotted a body there at the time, indicating that the decedent was either resting there when he died or was dumped there.


  • Sandy blond hair.
  • Minimal blond stubble.
  • 3 unique tattoos:
    • Depiction of an angel on the right upper back. The art resembles a sketch by artist William Rimmer titled "Evening (Fall of Day)", though it may also be the logo of a record label named Swan Song Records, founded by British rock band Led Zeppelin. Some portions of the tattoo faintly look as though the band name is accompanying the art.
    • Tattoo of a cross with four rays emanating from it located on the upper left back, although it has also been described as a character from East Asian languages.
    • Depiction of a dolphin along with the letters "B" and "C" on the right upper arm.


  • Pieces of a possible t-shirt or underpants of which were thought to have been white.


The following have been ruled out as the decedent, per NamUs: